My name is Vishal Ranjan and I am an aspiring generalist, currently living and moving around North India. I am obssessed with the possibilities and beauty of programming in problem solving and fortunately what I do for passion and curiosity is my profession too. I have worked with Exponential Interactive and Musejam in the past and currently I work with, Cyber Group as a Team Lead. As an Artificial Intelligence consultant, I also help and consult some amazing folks at Botsupply and Jatana who are making user interactions and customer-service awesome, one bot at a time. When not coding, I read books , play the guitar and create Music with awesome musicians at Raagveda, take my bike to long solo rides and write some pretty bad poetry. More often than not I get lost in the woods or the hills to carve my wanderlust.

I am not looking for any full time position as of now but I am always open to ideas and projects that excite me and where I can contribute at my own pace and preference. If you want to hire me or want me to work on your next project , or may be just want to say hello. You know where to find me. Get in touch.

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